Homes For All

The housing crisis is an issue for everyone and the greatest single challenge facing society.

As house prices spiral beyond people on average and low incomes, many can no longer afford a home of their own. Soaring rents have also put huge financial strain on workers, students and their families. Overall, the rental sector is characterised by poor quality accommodation and no security of tenure.

It is a major issue for women as our rate of female homelessness is now double that of other EU states and more than 60% of homeless families are headed by lone parents, the majority of whom are women.

Meanwhile, housing waiting lists grow ever longer and homeless numbers are at record levels. Thousands are crowded into unsuitable accommodation, with families forced to raise children in hotel rooms and other emergency dwellings.

But there is a solution. Last October, the Dail overwhelming passed an opposition party motion that set out a number of keys measures to address the crisis: 

  • Declare a Housing Emergency

  • Invest in a major programme of public housing construction, through local authorities

  • Take action on rent certainty and security of tenure

  • Create a legal Right to Housing